Monday, 4 June 2012

EYEO Festival

This week the Eyeo Festival is being held in Minneapolis, MN. A four day event boasting some of the information industry's most talented data scientists, including more than a few of our favorites; Stefanie Posavec; Aaron Koblin; Manuel Lima; Jer Thorp; Ben Fry and so many more.

"It’s an exciting time to be interested in art, interaction, and information. The way we experience all three is changing. The way all three interact and overlap is evolving. Access to data and tools continues to enter new realms.  What data is—is changing; It’s a social media feed, it’s a physical sensor, it’s a house plant, a novel, it’s open access to oceans of digitized archives and more and more APIs.  What can we do with all this data? What can’t we do? Artists, designers and coders build and bend technology and give us a glimpse into what’s possible, into what’s next. Ones and zeros float all around us just waiting to deliver the next new interaction.  The Eyeo Festival brings together the most intriguing and exciting people in these arenas today." – excerpt from the Eyeo Festival website

According to the registration page, Festival Passes went on sale February 1st and sold out in 8 hours. If you didn't manage to get a ticket in time, you can check out work from the talented speakers here and have a look at some of last years' speakers here. I imagine the hashtag #eyeo on twitter will also keep you updated on highlights from the event.

Eyeo on Twitter: @eyeofestival
Bis2 on Twitter: @BIS2Media

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