Monday, 30 April 2012

Article Link: Big Data's Big Problem: Little Talent 

We always love hearing what Hilary Mason has to say – as chief data scientist at she always has a pragmatic and interesting approach to the big topic of big data! 

"...Hilary Mason [...] says a data scientist must have three key skills. "They can take a data set and model it mathematically and understand the math required to build those models; they can actually do that, which means they have the engineering skills…and finally they are someone who can find insights and tell stories from their data. That means asking the right questions, and that is usually the hardest piece."..."

Despite the shortage of these multi-talented data experts (as Hilary points out in the short interview video embedded in this article) there are many tools becoming available and specialized education programs which are specifically engineered to help businesses and individuals deal with the deluge of data.

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